Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at cc05du.unity.ncsu.edu
Fri Dec 18 11:48:57 EST 1998

In article <367A72D2.5BD6 at chugaibio.com>, Dom Spinella wrote:
>How is that someone (even in Cuba) with access to the internet (as
>evidenced by posting to this newsgroup) in searching for a firm called
>BioRad (assuming they no never heard of the firm before -- scary in and
>of itself for a molecular biologist) does not think even to try the
>obvious URL:

Perhaps because _the internet_ and _the Web_ are *not* at all the same 
thing! Sheesh, take a chill pill and dump some of that condescension, 
willya? Holiday spirit and all that. 

Everyone was new to this once. Even yourself.

"He wants a shoehorn; the kind with teeth...
 'cause he knows there's no such thing." TMBG

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