direct quatifecation of DNA by flourimeter

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Sat Dec 19 14:25:44 EST 1998

asheat at wrote:

>Dear Deja Members Hello!
>I wants to quantitate my RTPCR product, If there is any method by which I can
>directly label my PCR product (DNA) and  quantitae it.(e.g. Flourimeter or
>...) Or any one can tell me some other simple method to quantitate RTPCR
>product (Nonredioactive method). There are some stains which binds to DNA
>like Hoechst Can they used for this purpose. Tahnks in advance. Ashutosh
>Email asheat at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institue Of medical
>Science Lucknow
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You can use PICO Green from Molecular probes
<>  to do ng DNA quantitation by

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