.Krimer Alejandro a.krimer at biosidus.com.ar
Mon Dec 21 08:34:19 EST 1998

Dear all and specially Dom:
For people that are not living in the First world, your hypotesis are
not always true. For example, I am suscribed to this group and I don't
have access on Internet in my computer.
May be Juan is lazy, may be not. You have the decission to not answer
but you should be more equitative, because I have been seeing a lot of
basic questions asked for another people that were answered for you.

Remember, the South exists too.

Best regards.

> On 18 Dec 1998 10:38:54 -0800, dspinella at chugaibio.com wrote:
> >> In article <367A72D2.5BD6 at chugaibio.com>, Dom Spinella wrote:
> >> >
> >> >How is that someone (even in Cuba) with access to the internet (as
> >> >evidenced by posting to this newsgroup) in searching for a firm
> called
> >> >BioRad (assuming they no never heard of the firm before -- scary
> in and
> >> >of itself for a molecular biologist) does not think even to try
> the
> >> >obvious URL:
> >> 
> >> Perhaps because _the internet_ and _the Web_ are *not* at all the
> same 
> >> thing! Sheesh, take a chill pill and dump some of that
> condescension, 
> >> willya? Holiday spirit and all that. 
> >> 
> >> Everyone was new to this once. Even yourself.
> >
> >Yeah Susan, you're right -- a couple of folks e-mailed me directly
> for
> >dumping on the original posting. I guess I get a bit annoyed when
> this
> >forum is used to obtain to trivial information -- it implies to me
> that
> >the questioner is too lazy to look up the answers in the obvious
> places,
> >but is more than willing to waste the time of the User group.  (And
> yes
> >T.Z., I know that an e-mail address and URL are not the same -- as I
> >know the difference between the internet and the WWW -- but, like
> most
> >companies on the web, BioRad has an "E-mail us" section in their
> >website).  
> Yes, but if they cannot access the web, how can they get the
> information
> about using email to contact them?
> Cheers
> Chris
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