MAP peptide

Soenke Behrends behrends at
Mon Dec 28 17:30:12 EST 1998

Dear netters,

I plan to generate a peptide antibody against a cytosolic

Through this newsgroup I have been made aware of 
the Multiple Antigenic Peptide (MAP) System, where
4 or 8 peptide arms branch out from a lysine core 
matrix. So it is big enough to be immunogenic but there
are no other immunogenic components like KLH. 

This is what peptide synthesizing company claim
as advantages 
    * No conjugation with carrier protein required 
    * Highly immunogenic peptide 
    * Produces highly specific antibodies 
    * Costs less than normal conjugated peptide

What are the disadvantages???

Of the following alternatives
-MAP System; 4 branches, asymmetric
-MAP System; 4 branches, symmetric
-MAP System; 8 branches, asymmetric
-MAP System; 8 branches, symmetric
which makes most sense for production of
an antibody against a human cytosolic
protein for research purposes
(Western, IP, Immunofluorescence)

Thanks a lot for your help and
I am glad about any comment or hint!

Soenke Behrends

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