oligo ligation assay

steve.schramm at seeds.Novartis.com steve.schramm at seeds.Novartis.com
Mon Dec 28 19:55:34 EST 1998

I'm interested in designing an oligo ligation assay however I only have 5
bases of sequence 3' to the polymorphsim I wish to query. I have no
experience setting up this type of assay however my gut feeling is that 5
bases is too little sequence for this reaction. A bit more cloning or
inverse PCR could provide additional 3' sequence, but I'd rather not expend
the resources if it isn't necessary. If you have experience with the oligo
ligation assay and could provide any technical tips or practical
experiences and/or could forward some relevant journal references for
designing an oligo ligation assay I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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