DNA isolation from hair

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At 04:52 PM 1/30/98 GMT, you wrote:
>I was wondering if someone could send me a protocol for isolating DNA from
>hair follicles.  I am searching for a protocol that doesn't require
>anything special other than the average chemicals found in a lab.
>thanks, John Korte

Hi John
We used this in an undergrad course I was TA' ing, and it seemed to work fine

Place 2-3 hairs with good follicles in 100 ul of extraction buffer.
Incubate at 55 C for 1hour, and then at 95 C for 10 minutes.
Use 7.5 ul per 25 ul PCR reaction (if that's what you're using it for)

Extraction buffer:

50 mM KCl                  1.86g
10 mM Tris                 0.61g
2.5 mM MgCl2             0.25g
0.1 mg/ml gelatin         0.05g
0.45%  NP40                2.25 ml
0.45%  Tween 20          2.25 ml

pH to 8.3 at room temperature.

Add ddH2O to 500 ml and autoclave (it will look white until it cools).

Hope this helps


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