Bio-Rad's gene gun tubing coating

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Mon Feb 2 09:52:38 EST 1998

Bezstarosti (bezstarosti at wrote:

> We have problems with the coating of the tubing, the distribution of
> the gold particles is uneven. The gold sticks to one side of the tube
> even after rotation of the tubing prep station. Does somebody have a
> solution or a few tips to improve the coating.
> Thanking you in advance
> K. Bezstarosti
> Rotterdam
> Netherlands
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We have the same problem. The gold is most dense on one side of the
tubing. The gold also smears to other places, but is not evenly
distributed there. We get a marble-like pattern of gold on the tubing.
Also, the gold clots after coating with DNA, which is not solved by
sonication. We use the Helios Gene Gun for plant leaf tissue. There is
severe tissue damage in the centre of the shot and only in the periphery
we get GUS expressing spots.
Does anyone have a solution for these problems?
Does anyone have experience with the Helios Gene Gun on plant (leaf)

Thanking you in advance,
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