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Susan Kang order at
Mon Feb 2 14:59:13 EST 1998

Susan Kang wrote:
> Dear Colleagues;
> As a new company, we decided to distribute our new PULSE POWER  freely
> to promote the customer recognition of the product. If you have any
> interest please visit our web site and send us e-mail. We
> will send PULSE POWER to every 100th e-mailer. Furthermore, We will give
> you a wonderful chance of spending vacation at Hawai.
> Susan Kang
> Sales Manager

Dear Colleagues;

Thank you for the innundation of your e-mails. However we found that
some mailers did not visit our web site and just typed reply command
from your e-mailer. It definitely is not working. Please visit our web
site and find out the e-mail address from the front page and send your
mail to that address.

Many Thanks

Susan Kang

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