His-tagged protein, urea & antibody production

Glenda Lawrence glendal at westmed.wh.usyd.edu.au
Tue Feb 3 23:40:21 EST 1998

Thankyou to everyone who provided information to
my query about urea and antibody production.

Below are a couple more responses that others may
find helpful.

>I have routinely injected histagged proteins resuspended in 8 M Urea into
>rabbits subcutaneously.  The rabbits are fine and the antibody generation
>is good.  I would'nt worry about it.

>There is essentially no problem in injecting urea. It is a normal body
>component, and in fact has been used therapeutically in humans as a
>plasma volume expander (massive quantities infused iv). We have done
>some work in rabbits with protein in 4M urea, and saw no effects, even
>though we caefully looked (even to the point if shaving the inoc site,
>and biopsying for histology).
>If urea still worries you, then try using the protein as a suspension
>or precipitate (maybe with an oil-based adjuvant).


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