Hoefer TKO100 fluorometer

C.S. Wilding BGYCSW at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Feb 3 12:28:29 EST 1998

We have a Hoefer TKO100 flurometer which is beginning to play up. A 
while ago the bulb started flashing on and off and conseqeuntly the 
machine never warmed up. After a while it appeared to behave itself but 
since the incident it now cannot be set to 1000 for a 1mg/ml standard- 
at full rotation of the scale the reading is only up to 500 or so. 
Prior to the bulb flashing incident it seemed fine so I presume the 
bulb is/has died (although I can see the light through the back).
Pharmacia Biotech who have taken over Hoefer say they no longer hold 
any spares and cannot service the machine.
Anybody any ideas of how to resurrect this machine, or where an 
aternative bulb may be bought?

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