Pulse power supply

Susan Kang Order at hifax.com
Thu Feb 5 16:51:08 EST 1998

Dear colleagues;

Once we announced the free gift of our PULSE POWER power supply to every
100th visitor of our web site www.hifax.com. However, since not many
biology researchers does not know the concept of this kind of apparatus,
I decided to explain the basic concept.

1. Decentralize Molecular biology Lab.

I have experienced waiting several ten minutes or hours till somebody
finished their gel running to use the limited number of power supply in
the Lab. Of course you can do other things while you are waiting.
However, we know that we loose some efficiency if we loose our momentum.
My idea was having my own power supply, and finally dream came true
after spending several hundred dollars (of course that was my boss's
money). I am quite sure everybody want to has her/his own power supply. 

2. Should be inexpensive, and small

I don't have to say inexpensive. Now the Lab. is becoming crowded and
the bench space became one of the most precious assets of the institute.
If everybody wants to have own power supply, it should be as small as

3. Not many peopled need variable voltage setting.

We know that once the gel running box is selected usually the optimal
voltage follows.  That means gel box is the limiting factor and not the
power supply. That is the reason why we recommended  less than 20 cm of
electrode distance.

4. Only one diode can do perfect job.

If you want to convert AC to DC, you have to use diodes, several
condensers and resistances to stabilize the fluctuation of the current.
However, if you think once more about your electrophoresis, you will
recognize that flat current is not necessary just for moving and
separating molecules. Our goal is separating molecules and not having
fancy apparatus.

5. Is it difficult to make your own apparatus?

Never, I think almost everybody in the lab can make this apparatus
without any difficulties. 

6. Am I an inventor of this product?

No, I just improved.

7. Who am I

I am the founder of HIFAX and the guy who once posted the method how to
make less than 1 dollar gel box.

Best regards

Chulho Kang, Ph.D.

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