protein assay

Farida Safadi-Chamberlain fsafadi at LAMAR.COLOSTATE.EDU
Sat Feb 7 17:04:47 EST 1998

I second this question, since Bradford assay doesn't seem to be sensitive
enough, plus it is not precise from one measurement to another, and time
consuming.  Does anybody have a better method?  Has anybody used the A205
described in Current Protocols in Molecular Biology?


On Fri, 6 Feb 1998, Martin Offterdinger wrote:

> Hi !
> Is there anyone who tried the nano orange protein assay from molecular
> probes? I am currently using Bradford, but it is not sensitive enough
> as I have only got 5-8ul of a very dilute sample and would like to get
> an exact protein concentration. Are there any other protein assays
> which are more sensitive than Bradford?
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