Degenerate Primers in PCR

aDamn adam at
Sun Feb 8 23:00:21 EST 1998

Tony Sanchez wrote in message ...
>I am working with highly degenerate 17mer primers trying to amplify a
>gene.  So far I have not had any luck.  Does anyone have any experience
>with degenerate primers for PCR?

I tried this once.  I had similar problems at first.  I realized that I had
to increase the amount of primer I added substantially for it to work.
Calculate the actual number of different primers in your mix, and treat it
like adding that many different primers to your reaction. I did this, it
worked.  The PCR product contained one of my primers I designed, but I
didn't get what I wanted.  I didn't persue it any further.  Hope this helps.


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