How to pull-out a specific PCR product?

aDamn adam at
Sun Feb 8 22:56:57 EST 1998

I have used Dynal's magnetic beads with success.  But, how do you eliminate
all of the products from being labelled?  I would use two PCR steps, your
primer followed by a second nested primer that is labelled.  An alternative
would be to probe a cDNA library.  You may be able to screen a cDNA library
with PCR using a vector primer and your specific primer.  It has worked for


Kiley R. Prilliman wrote in message <34DE5EA3.88927433 at>...
>Although I think it might depend on some factors (including the size of
>the product you want to pull out and what you want to do with it once
>you have it), you could always try biotinylated primers (and then
>separate the product using avidin-coated beads of some sort).

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