protein solubilizing out of SDS-PAGE gel

Peeter Toomik peeter.toomik at
Mon Feb 9 02:20:26 EST 1998

First, try fixing with 10-12% trichloroacetic acid. If it does not help,
add some 5% of formaldehyde to CBB solution. No preliminary fixing! You
can find the recipe in "Practical Protein Chemistry", A.Dabre (ed.),
Wiley, 1986, which refers to S.Irie et al., Anal. Biochem. 126, 350-354
(1982). Formaline concentration etc. may need some adjustment for
particular protein. This method works O.K. in our lab.

Peeter Toomik
Tartu University
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology

bipin k. dalmia wrote:

> hello:
> i am having trouble detecting a protein on SDS-PAGE gels. this is a
> very very soluble protein and i think that it may be solubilizing out
> of the gel during the staining steps. i am fixing the gel with
> 10%acetic acid/45% methanol and staining with CBB. is there any other
> way to ensure that the protein stays in the gel?
> bip
> Bipin K. Dalmia, Ph.D.
> Protein Core Facility
> Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
> Johnston, Iowa 50131
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