High molecular weight marker

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at med.uni-tuebingen.de
Tue Feb 10 16:31:15 EST 1998

Hi Wulf-Dirk, 

Just an idea, although it is not quick (but maybe cheap).
Lately I assembled a set of "normal" protein weight standars by 
browsing through a chemical supplier's catalogue. Fluka e.g. writes 
an apparent molecular weight with many enzymes and proteins they 
sell. Maybe you are able to find the weights of 
your desire at a reasonable prize. 

Good luck!


> Hi,
> does anybody know of high molecular weight markers for SDS-PAGE with
> MWs above 300 kDa (400, 500, etc.)? The only one I know of is
> cross-linked phosphorylase b from Sigma, but this does not work very
> well (seems to get degraded very quickly...).
> WDL.
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