Northerns using bacterial RNA

Chris Odt chriso at
Tue Feb 10 10:36:30 EST 1998

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Mary Hagen <hagenm at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Im interested in using nothern analysis to examine RNA from a Pseudomonas 
> species.  I haven't worked much with bacterial RNA and have a couple of 
> basic questions:
> 1)  Is bacterial RNA stable enough to anaylze satisfactorily using northerns?
> 2)  What is commonly used as a control for quantitation of RNA?
> Also, if anyone has testimonials they would like to share regarding 
> their personal experience working with bacterial RNA and northerns I 
> would appreciate the information.  Finally, any references regarding this 
> type of work would be helpful.
> Thanks alot!
> Mary Hagen
I have recently finished a project of quantitating bacteria with slot
blots of RNA.  I went the non-isotope route, and used Boehringer's
Digoxigenin system for detection.  Email me, if you want the specifics.

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