Site-directed mutagenesis

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> Hi,
> I've recently identified modified enzyme activity of thymidine kinase in
> HSV-1. And found out that specific sequence is altered due to drug
> treatment.
> Now, I want to be more convinced of that site making drug resistance and
> would like make revertant using site directed mutagenesis.
> I pre-searched some major manufacturers of a vector having following
> necessities.  1. Must have a marker to identify mutation easily (eg.
> different antibiotics)  2. Must have regions to express either in
> prokaryote or eukaryote.
> But couldn't easily find appropriate one.
> Anyone recommend or know such one?
> Thx in advance.
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Try the QuikChange system from Stratagene.  Easy, fast, and highly
efficient (>90%!).  Basically, you make 2 complementary oligos containing
the mutation(s), then amplify with Pfu proofreading polymerase; digest w/
DpnI to get rid of parental DNA; concentrate the DNA, and transform. 
Screen colonies 
for mutations. It's working for me so well that I just sequence 2 clones
w/o even screening with a restriction enzyme.  Good luck! Kartik

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