Help!! Signal Transduction Systems

Fri Feb 13 08:55:26 EST 1998

Hi everyone!!!
I'm planning to start to dilucidate the intracellular signal transduction 
pathway used by my protein. I have som reports that could be linked 
specialy to Tyrosine and Serine Kinases (MAPK, v-Src, Ras, PKC). I should 
deside as soon as possible the possible commercial systems to use in order 
to assess this complex problem. Could anyone sujest me possibles 
commercial kits or reagents, having in consideration also the costs.
Thank you all in advance,


Ernesto Oviedo Orta, M.D
Medical Research Council Intercellular Signaling Team,
Department of Medical Biochemistry,
University of Wales Coll. of Medicine,
Heath Park, Cardiff CF4 4XN, U.K
e-mail: oviedo-orta at
Direct Line: 01222-742284, 01222-742802
Fax: 01222-744905, 766276.

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