15-mer binding to membrane. Is it possible?

Arthur Osterop Ph.D. osterop at tch.fgg.eur.nl
Fri Feb 13 09:47:12 EST 1998

Hy netters,

I want to detect anti-sense oligonucleotides (15 bases long)using southern 
blot hybridisation with a labeled sense oligo as probe. Now I am running into 
the fact that the binding capacity of membranes for small oligo's is very 
low, and probably the pore width is too large to fetch the oligo's.
Can anyone advice me on what brand of membrane is suited to use in this 

Thanks in advance,

Arthur Osterop, PhD
Erasmus Univ. R'dam, NL
osterop at tch.fgg.eur.nl

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