Homemade ECL Plus reagents?

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Mon Feb 16 10:41:52 EST 1998

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>Subject: Homemade ECL Plus reagents?
>From: Sean Cutler
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>Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 18:02:55 -0800
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>Does anyone know of a cheap source for the substrate used in the
>Amersham ECL Plus kit? The compound diagrammed in their literature
>(http://www.amersham.com/life/lsn/22/p6.html) looks as if it should be
>called something like 'trifluorophenol-methylacridinium ester', but
>that's just a guess.
>Sean Cutler
>Carnegie Institution of Washingtom
>Department of Plant Biology

Amersham described in their leaflet that the substrate was a patented
product of Lumigen Inc. Please refere URL http://www.lumigen.com/hrp.html.

Norio Nakano

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