cloning large PCR bits

Benan Dincturk knben at
Wed Feb 18 16:26:28 EST 1998

Dr. R. Ratcliff <rr118 at> wrote in article
<rr118-1802981629020001 at>...
> We're  currently cloning PCR fragments using the TOPO kit from InVitrogen
> which has been good for small pieces under 3kb They apparently have a new
> kit for cloning large PCR products, however I'd like to hear if anyone
> other sugggestions. Thanks. My email is rr118 at

I cloned several  5 kb PCR prodducts into Invitrogen pcr2.1 vector which is
3.9 kb itself. You have to have a good transformation efficiency and screen
colonies. You will have a couple of positives.

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