RNA from plant roots

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Wed Feb 18 05:41:12 EST 1998

In article <6c2k3o$ev1$1 at gaia.ns.utk.edu>, tanvir at utk.edu says...
>Hi colleagues,
>I want to isolate RNA from soybean and mungbean (Vigna radiata) roots. 
>The plants will be grown in hydroponics and will be about 20 days old. I 
>have a choice of methods but need an expert advice which method will be 
>good and any modifications. I will use the RNA for DD-RTPCR. Thanx in 

in our group we spent much time on isolating RNA from kidney beans. Finally, we 
get use of the Qiagen kit, as a previous poster pointed out. Another fine and 
cheaper is method is described by Hall et al. (PNAS 1978 75:31). It is 
especially useful for difficult material like seeds. The only problem we had is 
the final LiCl precipitation, where much salt coprecipatates with the RNA. We 
are gong to replace this step by a commercially available spin column (some 
cheap ones, they are all nearly the same). You can probably make a deal with 
the manufacturor...
Hope that helps,


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