Polypropylene Racks for Eppendorf tubes

Michelle Gleeson michelle at MOLECULE.BIO.UTS.EDU.AU
Wed Feb 18 22:52:46 EST 1998


Down here in Australia, Promega sells these "Flipper" racks.  There are
also other (much cheaper) suppliers of the same racks.  I know they are
made by an American company but I don't have the details any more.
The same company also makes "work racks" which have a combination of 1.5ml
and 0.5 ml holes on  the same side, which are really great.

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On 18 Feb 1998, Zhencai Wu wrote:

> Hi netters,
> Could someone tell me where to purchase polypropylene racks which can hold 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes on the one side and 0.5 ml tubes on the other side?
> Your help will be appreciated in advance.
> Zhencai Wu
> PARC-Summerland
> Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

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