nucleoside analogues: pH/ dissolve??

Heidi Moss hmmoss at MAIL.MED.CORNELL.EDU
Thu Feb 19 17:53:04 EST 1998

	I am using AZT, ddI, and ddG in an attempt to inhibit a RT-like 
enzyme. I purchased these reagents in powdered form from 3 different 
companies, all of whom did not supply a data sheet nor could they really 
help me over the phone. Most papers I've read say that they dissolved 
them in water or DMSO. For my experiments, I need them in water or cell 
media at fairly high concentrations (500micromolar), but I the first time 
I prepared them in water (at 10mM stocks), they were difficult to 
dissolve (thus i had to heat them) and became inactive.

Does anyone have experience getting these guys into an aqueous solution 
(pH, concentration, etc) so that they remain active? Is temperature an 
issue (ie. can i heat them slightly to dissolve?)

Any advice would be appreciated. Please respond to my listed e-mail address.

Many thanks!!

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