Oxygene entry into cells

che pillayc at biochem.unp.ac.za
Thu Feb 19 10:28:47 EST 1998

Hello All,

Whilst I know that oxygen is delivered to cells by haemoglobin, how does
this oxgen enter the cells ?  Is this oxygen chanelled to the mitochondria
by intracellular carrier molecules ?  Why does this oxygen not react with
cellular reducing agents (like glutathione) which are present at high
concentrations in the cytoplasm.  Oxygen (O2) is a non-polar molecule, why
should it dissolve into the cytoplasmic mileu when it could easily dissolve
into the lipid bilayer ?  If this is the case, would there not be a chance
of fatty acid oxidation ?

Any references would be greatly appreciated.

Che Pillay

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