Genomic bacterial DNA PCR [Please re-mail answers]

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Fri Feb 20 07:20:13 EST 1998

Dear All,

Thanks very much for the responses to my previous posting (copied below).
Unfortunately, I corrupted my mailbox and I have lost all answers before
I was able to hard-copy them.

I would be extremely grateful if people who got in contact with me (both
to provide answers and to ask about replies I received) could re-mail me.
I will post a summary of answers to the newsgroup.

Thanks in advance,


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Has anybody got any protocols/suggestions on how to perform PCR with a genomic 
(E. coli) bacterial DNA template.  Is there a direct way or do I first have to
isolate genomic DNA and then PCR (and if so, what protocol(s) do you suggest?).

Could you please e-mail me answer at: stuart at as well as post
the newsgroup.

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Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (UCL)
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