Killer gene/protein?

Joseph Michael Bay jmbay at leland.Stanford.EDU
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Markus Piotrowski <Markus.Piotrowski at> writes:

>Dear netters,

>does exist a protein which kills eucaryotic cells (e.g plant
>cells) in a DIRECT manner (and not by inducing programmed
>cell death)? Any hint would be very helpfull. 

Check out:

FASEB J 1994 Feb;8(2):201-208 
Ricin: structure, mode of action, and some current applications.
Lord JM, Roberts LM, Robertus JD

Basically, the A chain of ricin renders active ribosomes incapable
of synthesizing proteins (via enzymatic cleavage, I think).
It's very, very, very toxic.  One molecule can kill a cell.  Don't
get any on ya.

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