Genomic bacterial DNA PCR.

Gerd gerdn at
Sun Feb 22 07:31:35 EST 1998

Mr SCG Rison wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anybody got any protocols/suggestions on how to perform PCR with a genomic
> (E. coli) bacterial DNA template.  Is there a direct way or do I first have to
> isolate genomic DNA and then PCR (and if so, what protocol(s) do you suggest?).
> Could you please e-mail me answer at: stuart at as well as post
> the newsgroup.
I sometimes just make my PCR mixture (except for the DNA) then take a
pipet with a yellow tip, touch a bacerial colony with the tip and then
pipet up and down in the PCR mixture a few times, run the PCR. Can't
remember any time it didn't work for me. Try that along with a few of
all the other suggestions. Then choose the method you like best. 

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