Commercially available cut vectors

Stephen Billington billing at
Fri Feb 20 22:20:31 EST 1998

We are having serious water problems across campus (courtesy of the
University's dI feed water - but don't get me started on that!).  To
circumvent about a year of no results and a rapidly approaching
end-o-grant deadline, I am buying in all reagents possible, eg., DNA
solutions, comp cells, etc.  I am trying to find commercially
available pre-digested and phosphatsed vector (pUC, pBluescript,
etc.).  I remember that Stratagene used to sell it a while ago (and I
remember thinking, WHO would buy that - now I know :-( ).  But when I
looked in the latest catalog, nothing.  I also looked in about 10
other catalogs with the same results.

Does anyone have any better ideas?



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