EtBr and heat denatured DNA

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EtBr is an intercalating agent, which means that it "binds" to the DNA
by inserting itself between the two strands.  EtBr will not fluoresce
with ssDNA, it requires dsDNA

Frederik Boernke wrote:

> Hi all,
> lately I prepared carrier DNA for transforming yeast using the Gietz
> protocol. I sonicated the solution as long as the average fragment
> size
> ranges around 7 kb which was judged from an agarose gel. I than heat
> denatured the DNA and quickly cooled on ice in order to keep it in a
> single stranded manner and subsequently checked it again on a gel. But
> this time all the DNA, except for some low MW smear, seemed to have
> disappeared. Does EtBr not properly stain ssDNA or did I something
> wrong
> in principle?
> Cheers
> Ricky
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