Throw gloves after handling EtBr?

Bryan L. Ford fordb at
Tue Feb 24 16:30:18 EST 1998

anonymous wrote:
> Hi,
> I am curious about something. A guy in my lab told me he throws his
> gloves
> after manipulationg his agarose gels stained with Ethidium bromide. I am
> curious to know if everybody does that or if it's just him... Because I
> don't throw them after and I even sometimes handle the gels with my bare
> hands though I wash them with soap immediately after.
> So do you people throw your gloves after handling EtBr?

Yes. In our labs we use a lot of cheap gloves for most work (PCR setups
etc), I save a small batch of used but leak free ones to use
specifically for Ethidium tasks, these are tossed immediately after such
gel handling. EtdBr risk may or may not be low but why not err on the
side of safety? I would strongly advise not handling anything in EtdBr
without gloves, if only out of respect for the coworker's concerns since
they probably touch the same faucet handle-- conceivably just before
going to eat a sandwich.


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