Throw gloves after handling EtBr?

Darryl L. Clark dlclark at
Tue Feb 24 12:40:24 EST 1998

anonymous escribió:

> Hi,
> I am curious about something. A guy in my lab told me he throws his
> gloves
> after manipulationg his agarose gels stained with Ethidium bromide. I am
> curious to know if everybody does that or if it's just him... Because I
> don't throw them after and I even sometimes handle the gels with my bare
> hands though I wash them with soap immediately after.
> So do you people throw your gloves after handling EtBr?

    To answer your question, YES.  I do not have a favorite pair of gloves,
but I do have favorite internal organs.  Although I'm sure you have read the
MSDS data for EtBr, and realize there is no currently accepted absolute
threat to skin contact, I would suggest an ounce of prevention by limiting
or illiminating EtBr contact.  Of course, I am only one vote on the issue,
but try this for fun in your spare time:  dip one hand in used gel box
buffer or handle a gel.  Use the other hand as a control.  Then with the
lights out (and I suppose an eye shield) compare your hands under UV light.
Wash your hands, even with soap.  Briefly compare with UV light again.
Reapeat washings and comparisons as desired, then decide appropriate level
of future exposure.

    Darryl L. Clark
    dlclark at

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