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Darryl L. Clark dlclark at
Tue Feb 24 12:17:51 EST 1998

Dom Spinella escribió:

> Does anyone out there know of a good current reference/textbook that
> could be used as the basis for an introductory course in Bioinformatics
> (with major emphasis on DNA/Protein sequence analysis and genetic
> linkage analysis)? There's certainly a lot of information on the web and
> scattered throughout many journals, but I'll be teaching a course on the
> subject soon and I wonder if there might be a good general up-to-date
> reference work that has a lot of information all in one place that I can
> recommend to my students? (soemone needs to expand the series to write
> "DNA Sequence Analysis for Dummies"). Thanks.
> --Dom Spinella

      I heartily embrace the last statement!  As a graduate student in the
field, I a painfully aware of the lack of a good ol' standard text.  My
advisor is currently teaching a similar course, and has found what I
consider the most complete text at present:  Statistical Genomics, by Ben
Liu.  A web page for the book has been created at .  My personal opinion is that it does
require a strong genetics/mol. bio. background to grasp, notwithstanding the
book claims to be appropriate for upper level undergraduate courses.

    Darryl L. Clark
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