Throw gloves after handling EtBr?

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Tue Feb 24 04:31:06 EST 1998

anonymous <nobody at> wrote:
> Hi,

> I am curious about something. A guy in my lab told me he throws his
> gloves
> after manipulationg his agarose gels stained with Ethidium bromide. I am
> curious to know if everybody does that or if it's just him... Because I
> don't throw them after and I even sometimes handle the gels with my bare
> hands though I wash them with soap immediately after.

> So do you people throw your gloves after handling EtBr?

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> Guy Tremblay
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Heard from a report that says that EtBr starts penetrating standard
latex gloves within 2 minutes. There was a big discussion about this
in several molbio/microbio groups in Hannover and Vienna.
If you want to stay on the safe site throw them away.

I reuse them ;-)


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