Kanamycin selection

Keith Rand Keith.Rand at molsci.csiro.au
Tue Feb 24 22:36:26 EST 1998

In article <l03102801b118f77991cb@[]>, jaikawa at UCSD.EDU
(Jun-Ichi Aikawa) wrote:

> What concentration of kanamycin is used for the section of recombinant E.
> coli? I bothered high background of non-recombinant clones. My conditions
> are as follows:
> kanamycin: 30 ug/ml in LB plate (according to Current Protocol)
> E. coli: XL2-Blue MRF, XL1-Blue, DH5a (commercial competent cell)
> plasmid: pBK-CMV, pEGFP-N1
> Please give me any suggestion and comments.
> Jun-ichi Aikawa, Ph.D.
> University of California, San Diego

I routinely use 25 ug/ml Kanamycin with a number of E.coli strains
(including XL1-Blue) and don't get background growth. Can you get some
Kanamycin from somebody else there and see how that goes?

Keith Rand,  Sydney Australia

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