HygB resistance of E.coli

Koen De Smet k.desmet at nospam.ic.ac.uk
Wed Feb 25 09:10:01 EST 1998

Ramaswamy K. Iyer wrote:
> Hi,
>         Does anybody know if E. coli DH5alpha is resistant to hygromycin B?  If
> yes what is the maximum resistance?  If no, what is the minimum
> inhibitory concentration?  Thanks for your help.
> Ram Iyer
> riyer at ucla.edu

We routinely use mycobacterial-E.coli shuttle vectors based on 
hygromycin resistance. 
We select for DH5a transformants on plates with 250 ug/ml hyg. 
Mycobacterial recombinants are selected on 50 ug/ml.
We have never actually tested their MICs

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