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January Weiner nospam_jweiner1 at
Wed Feb 25 05:57:05 EST 1998

> Can I eliminate the higher MW band by heating the samples before
> loading?  Or will I need to use a heated sample *AND* a denaturing gel?
> Or am I on the wrong track completely?

	Try a denaturing gel. This method is usually very reliable. 

	Quick mini-PAGE (ca. 12x11x0,4 cm) with urea:
	10 g Urea
	4 ml 40% AA 19:1
	2 ml 10xTBE
	7,67 ml ddH2O
		1 hr, then + 200ul 10% APS + 20ul TEMED
	Preheat the sample in Denaturing Sample Buffer for 5' @ 95degC

	2x TBE
	90% Formamid
	0,02% Bromophenol Blue
	0,02% Xylene cyanol


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