detaching/removing streptavidin from streptavidin coated ELI

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Wed Feb 25 05:17:05 EST 1998

Streptavidin in the detaching solution should do it.
If you want to re-attach, you could use anti-streptavidin antibodies.

Jut a thought, 

> Hello,
> After having done an affinity experiment in steptavidin coated
> ELISA plates I want to remove my coupled protein from the well.
> Since I think it is impossible to reverse the biotin/strep.
> interaction I want to detach the streptavidin from the well. Are
> there any protocols for this? And is the 0.1 M glycine/HCl pH 2.2
> which is normally used strong enough to un-couple the streptavidin?
> Does it matter wether I buy precoated plates, or coat them myself?
> Thanks in advance,
> Marko Fennema
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