RDA-(Rep. Diff. Analy.) problems and solutions?

Jim Graham graham at biodec.wustl.edu_nospammmmmmm
Wed Feb 25 07:58:28 EST 1998

Hello again folks,

There has  recently been a sharp increase in the number of sucessful
applications of RPA it would seem. I have not found any good discussion
in the newsgroup archive.

Anyone who has used the technique, or especially the related
"linker-capture subtraction" of Stykowski please E-mail me.

I am particualrily interested to hear if people have encountered any
problems in going from mung bean nuclease digestion to PCR directly
-perhaps resulting in entire lack of first round PCR product.

Thanks very much, I'm waiting on some experienced advice here.


J. Graham PhD
(cut the .nospammmmm off my address)

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