Throw gloves after handling EtBr?

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Wed Feb 25 11:13:58 EST 1998

> Thanks to all for the advices.
> I guess I'll throw my gloves right away after manipulating the gel from now
> on. Life is too short to worry about glove costs (as opposed to health
> costs, wich have no price as far as I am concerned).
> Even if the EtBr on ones hands after soap wash was neglectable, the sum of
> all the 'toxics' like EtBr, radioactivity, formol etc... we're exposed to in
> laboratories is not neglectable. So why not play it safe at every moment,
> with every detail?

> That reminds me of a news I read in Science last summer: An investigator
> died of neurological disorders some 10 months after she was exposed to a
> drop of methylmercury on her gloves. Just a tiny drop, and on the gloves! It
> was found later that methylmercury penetrates latex gloves in a matter of
> seconds.

Guy Tremblay
tremblgu at

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