Long distance (RT) PCR

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On 26 Feb 1998 19:45:37 -0800, junz at sfu.ca (Jun Mark  Zhang) wrote:

>>     G'day...
>>     We are planning to use RT-PCR to amplify long sections of a plant
>>     virus, hopefully up to 9.5 kb...  it seems quite likely we will need
>>     some propritary kit to achieve this, does anyone have any information/
>>     direct experiences to share on kits for such long reactions (for
>>     either RT-PCR or PCR)?  How about home-made mix-and-match set ups?
>>     Also oligo quality (eg HPLC grade vs regular etc)?
>>     MTIA
>>     Deb
I have used the titan one tube RTPCR kit to amplify up to 2kb,
boehringer says that up to  6kb are possible; it is very nice to use
as you  use specific priming and all the enzymes you need are already
premixed so it is a one step reaction!
I had good experiences with it, but 9kb will probably be too long !?
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