Long distance (RT) PCR

Jun Mark Zhang junz at sfu.ca
Thu Feb 26 22:45:37 EST 1998

>     G'day...
>     We are planning to use RT-PCR to amplify long sections of a plant
>     virus, hopefully up to 9.5 kb...  it seems quite likely we will need
>     some propritary kit to achieve this, does anyone have any information/
>     direct experiences to share on kits for such long reactions (for
>     either RT-PCR or PCR)?  How about home-made mix-and-match set ups?
>     Also oligo quality (eg HPLC grade vs regular etc)?
>     MTIA
>     Deb

hi, Deb,

Bohringer Mannheim has a long range PCR kit called "Expand Long Distance
PCR Kit". Maybe that will fit your requirment. Check their web site.

Jun Mark Zhang
Department of Biological Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby BC Canada
V5A 1S6
junz at sfu.ca

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