PCR machines

Dr. Klaus Eimert eimert at geisenheim.fa.fh-wiesbaden.de
Fri Feb 27 03:47:37 EST 1998

Lisa J Brunet wrote:
> We're testing 3 PCR machines: Perkin Elmer 9700, MJR PTC200, and
> Stratagene Gradient Robocycler. We've heard that the MJR has poor
> reliability and the Robocycler has the best well-to-well temperature
> uniformity. Does any have anything good or bad to say about these
> machines?
> Thanks,
> Lisa Brunet, Ph.D.
> UC Berkeley
> brunet at uclink2.berkeley.edu

Hi Lisa,

I would not agree that MJR machines are generally not reliable. I have
been using PTC100s for several years in different labs and never had a
single problem with them. I don't know whether this holds true for the
PTC200, but I personally do trust MJR and would by there machines any
time, if the price is right ;-) (usual disclaimer apply). I don't know
the other machines you mentioned.
Hope that helps,


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