QuickHyb and Nonisotopic hybridization

Bernd Kazmierczak Kazmier at zfn.uni-bremen.de
Fri Jan 2 06:17:12 EST 1998

AKi Hoji wrote:

> Happy New Year,
> Does anybody know if a QuickHyb works on nonisotopic (i.e.
> chemiluminescence) hybridization ?
> Aki Hoji (akhst7+ at pitt.edu)
> University of Pittsbrugh


I use it only for isotopic hybridizations but other guys in our lab use
it frequently for nonisotopic hybridizations and told me it works fine.
And as far as I remember the company provides two different manuals with
the QuickHyb, one for isotopic and one for non-isotopic habridization.
Wish you a happy new year


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