Help optimize electroporation

Jayati Kesavan gt0718f at
Sat Jan 3 14:15:43 EST 1998

I need to electroporate a G- environmental bacterium, so I assayed % cell
death as a function of field strength (0-13 kV/cm) and pulse length (3-150
ms at 13 kV/cm).  No cell death was observed at any of these settings,
even when the cuvette strongly arced (I resuspended the remaining goo).
All media and components are sterile, and CFU correspond to dilutions, so
the cells are really viable out of the cuvette.  Knowing that
transformation efficiency is frequently correlated to cell death, it looks
like electroporation will not work.  Any suggestions?

Jayati Kesavan
Internet: gt0718f at

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