Help: PAGE gels cracking

lee.285 at lee.285 at
Sun Jan 4 13:51:45 EST 1998

I need to use 12% polyacrylamide gels (8M urea)
that are 0.8mm thick. I use the gel for my
RNase protection assay, i.e., to run the protected
fragments that are 40 nucleotide long.
Each time I try to dry the gels onto Wattman paper,
they crack like shattered glass. Also they stick to
the paper very poorly.

I read some suggestions in this newsgroup such as
getting rid of urea in 4% glycerol. How long do I need
to wash my gel before drying it? Wouldn't my small
fragments (40mer) get washed away in doing so? Also any
drying temprature suggestion?

If anybody has different advice to solve this gel-cracking
problem please help me.

Thank you.

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