Source for digitonin?

Ian A. York iayork at
Mon Jan 5 14:33:26 EST 1998

I use digitonin as a detergent.  I've usually got it from Sigma, which
sells a low-purity version "recommended for use in aqueous solutions".
On heating this stuff, it dissolves, more or less, in water.  

Unfortunately Sigma is backordered on this until forever, and I really
want to get my experiments done.  I tried a much higher purity product
from Boehringer Mannheim, but it didn't dissolve in water even on
prolonged boiling, and when I tried using it anyway my results were
ireproducible at best. 

Does anyone know either another source for the aqueous digitonin, or how
to reliably and safely dissolve the high-purity stuff in water? 

Thanks for any suggestions.  


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