Best cell line for expression cloning but not COS-7 ?

Christophe Grundschober grund at
Tue Jan 6 10:52:49 EST 1998

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to clone a polymorphic gene present in 60% of humans by
expression cloning (i.e. transfection of pools of a cDNA library in a
eukaryotic cell line and then screening of the transfected cells for the
function of the unknown gene).

I tested COS-7 cells which are easely transfected but unfortunately they
already express the gene I'm looking for. I'm now looking for other cell
lines which could be used. They have to be easely transfected (by
electroporation or other) and grow well. Does anybody have a suggestion?

Thanks for your help
C. Grundschober
Transplantation Immunology Unit
Centre Medical Universitaire
1211 Geneve 4

grund at

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