B-galactosidase inhibitor

Dan Johnson adj8n at virginia.edu
Tue Jan 6 08:30:10 EST 1998

Hello all:

	Does anyone know of a way to irreversibly inhibit B-gal reporter?  I want
to look at transcription rates for a low activity, long half-life gene
product.  Looking at B-gal overall only tells me what cumulative expression
is.  I want to look at the expression at specific time points.  Here is the
clincher - I have to do the analysis in aortas of whole animals.  There is
too much matrix around, so I cannot do nuclear run-on with aortic tissue
nuclei.  So the trick may be to poison existing B-gal, then look at
reporter activity of newly synthesized material only.  
Thanks in advance.

Dan Johnson

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